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Lyanna Mormont: In Tribute To Game Of Thrones’ Queen Of Shade

20 April, 2019

For someone with only four actual speaking scenes in the entire show (and one scowl-of-unspeakable-death scene), it shows how powerful a character Bella Ramsey’s Lady Lyanna Mormont has been in Game Of Thrones.

Her entire family and almost all her men wiped out at the Red Wedding, the Bear Island Battleaxe has made up for lack of numbers and being a child ruler of a minor house by carving herself a niche as Westero’s undisputed Queen of Shade, telling Stannis Baratheon to piss off by curt raven reply to his call to her to bend the knee back in Season 5 and being even more insulting to Jon Snow and Sansa Stark the season after in person.

That didn’t stop her backing Jon Snow and telling the rest of the northerners to grow a pair and do the same the season after.

Of course, now she’s a little upset at how events have panned out.

She’s of course threatened to take up arms in defence of the realm against the undead, and there was some hopes for a team up with her and the show’s other tiny terror – Arya Stark – when both started adopting the same wardrobe on the show.

All she needs now is a rapier sword, a dragonglass dagger and a cookbook on how to turn her enemies into pies and she’s all set.

It’s clear Arya sees a kindred spirit.

And now it appears she’s about to make good her pledge to have every man, woman, boy and girl from Bear Island ready to fight.

Brilliant! Can’t wait for the next episode already!

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