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Jazz-Hands Unmasks East Devon’s Long Time Politics Troll Blogger ‘East Devon Watch’ As Paul Freeman

25 June, 2017

A week or so ago (the month has flown by!) Jazz-Hands made a post about the general election to provide some entertainment over what looked like a dull night ahead.

The unexpected general election announcement resulted in many of the smaller political parties which add colour and variety to elections (and also in the middle of the local council elections where they ply most of their resources offering their best chance of success) had little choice but to put up token or no resistence to the big behemoths of Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Scottish National.

Even those veteran patron saints of hopeless political causes – the Communist Party ¥ and the National Front § – found themselves without the funds or organisation to stand candidates in time, the result being the first time the Communist Party has failed to contest a general election since its founding in 1920, and for the NF for the first time since its own founding in 1967. A century and a half-century’s continued participation brought to an abrupt close. If ever there was a metaphor for how much the little guys have been crushed by modern party politics, this was it.

With a pitiful turnout from the small parties to liven up proceedings, Jazz-Hands decided it was in the public’s disinterest to mull over what others had taken to the lists anxious to flush £500 of perfectly good money down the toilet and report back on the findings, if for no other reason than fleeting entertainment.

All good harmless clean fun. Except someone swiftly took exception to it.

Posted on 8th June 2017 at 8 am, much to my amazement at 2.49pm and 3 pm that afternoon came two snide replies (notifications coming by email and directly into the blog Comments section pending approval) from the same person not too happy with what had been said about the East Devon Alliance and those associated with it when it suits them.

Wish I could type so much so quickly.

This is the paf_uk Twitter account this creepy skeet posted from.

Were this a certain other blog I could mention, a point by point rebuttal would be in order.

But this is a Simming blog (and other distractions at my discretion), not a politics blog, and I will not drag Jazz-Hands into the circuit of CAMRA affiliated leather elbow patch jacketed men and Ms Jabba The Hut Cosplay Of The Year contestants trolling the web in the break times of their busy careers trolling newspapers’ online comments sections.

To put a Sims 3 perspective to this:

However, there is one matter from the above that I would like to bring to general attention as this is very much in the public interest:

‘You say that the EDA is “spending a lot of time on the web via yellow press sites such as ‘East Devon Watch’ telling anyone who will listen how she’s the only one with enough support to win the seat”… In particular, East Devon Watch is a blog run by an individual (not me) and reflects their opinion on local politics and is not (and has never been) run BY the EDA. Once again, please provide your evidence supporting your statements.’

Let’s look at that again, once more with feeling:

‘East Devon Watch is a blog run by an individual (not me) … and is not (and has never been) run BY the EDA.’

First, how could you know – possibly know – whether the East Devon Watch blog was run by an individual? Unless, of course, you are the individual running it. Elementary logic, rookie troll mistake.

Jazz-Hands regular readers deserve greater proof than this however – small and perfectly formed their numbers may be. The daily readership for this rather part-time blog could be measured with both pairs of hands and feet on a good day.

Which is exactly my point: it is impossible that Paul Freeman could have spotted the contentious post on Google or any other search engine, which only updates its searches for even the bigger blogs after a day has elapsed; let along the ten billion skiffies like this one and the many others on WordPress, Blogger, etc.

Nor for that matter does Jazz-Hands post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or anywhere else for dissemination.

The only way he could have possibly known in such a short space of time therefore is by the pingback and trackback section whenever you make a post on WordPress, which lets another WordPress blog editor know whenever you have made a post copying in a link from them instantaneously.

I keep forgetting to switch it off when I make posts in order to avoid cranks. This time it has proved to be very fortunate I did forget.

East Devon Watch is hosted on WordPress.

While ‘The Owl’ has done his best to hide his identity from a lot of angry Devonians who would like to know who is, and despite trying to cover his tracks by replying to it from his Twitter account (using the Gravatar feature, by which you can link and comment across multiple platforms such as Twitter and WordPress), the fact that Paul Freeman posted two snotty comments to this blog so swiftly indicates beyond any reasonable doubt that Paul Freeman is the person behind the East Devon Watch blog.

Even more damning, as Paul Freeman also happens to own the East Devon Alliance’s own website (as you can see above), you can dismiss his other claim that the East Devon Watch website is nothing to do with the East Devon Alliance – accused by its detractors as the Have Our Cake And Eat It Party (being a party while pretending to still be independent candidates). It is the same person running both, and it is disingenuous to try to claim there is no intentional overlap with the objectives between the two sites.

What makes Freeman’s behaviour all the more pathetic is he spends considerable time on the East Devon Watch yellow blog posting in the comments section agreeing with his own sock puppet Owl alias!

Look no further than the post general election aftermath (the East Devon campaign proved a very bad tempered affair): where ‘The Owl’ (ie. Freeman) decided to deny thrice before cockcrow the claims by the victorious candidate Sir Hugo Swire that the East Devon Alliance and the East Devon Watch weren’t quite as independent of one another as some would claim:

Sir Hugo Swire is wrong in saying ‘they’re all the same sort of people’ – he ought to have said ‘they’re all the same people’! Or rather ‘person’.

Paul Freeman added the below in ‘reply’ to his own post:


Paul Freeman has challenged local MP Sir Hugo Swire to take him to court, doubtless in the confidence he could never prove that he is the person running the East Devon Watch blog (which one suspects is where the ‘libel’ alluded to by Freeman in the screenshots above exist – buried somewhere amongst almost a decade’s worth of pompous bile).

Tempting as this may be now for the exasperated Swire to seek to litigate (and for that matter Councillor Stuart Hughes, which Freeman appears fixated with despite all evidence pointing to an honest hard working councillor – a rare loon swimming on the lake of local government in that respect), a far more pragmatic outcome may simply to be let every media outlet he is still friendly with know about this, before pouring himself a stiff one and having a bloody good laugh.

Paul Freeman may like to think himself some gadflying political maverick, but posting in the comments section of his own blog in order to agree with himself sums up the pathetic truth of the man. Whatever credibility he ever had is now shredded to ribbons.

It could be argued the East Devon Alliance are innocent regarding Freeman’s antics, but this is their website owner behind this and a leading member with a track record for accusing everyone else of being liars at the drop of a hat. If they’re hoping for there to be no comeback on this for themselves, they could be disappointed.

The same could be said even more for Paul Freeman, hiding behind alias to bitch about local politicians while being sanctimonious about their ‘dirty tricks’. Creep.


¥ once of Great Britain, now only of Britain – ignore the party claiming currently to be the CPGB. They were forbidden from using the old CPGB name by the courts when the party split in 1992 over the subject of the European Union, the pro EU half becoming the Democratic Left.

§ actually they’re not the National Front at all, more a rabble of John Tyndall worshipping Jew-fixated aged life losers pretending to be the real National Front after they were chucked out of the BNP because by chance the name was going spare. The real NF died – lock, stock and barrelled off the UK register of political parties – in May 2011 when veteran member Terry Blackham (the NF’s on-off National Activities Organiser for two decades and poster boy of the anti-racist Searchlight magazine) found love: dropping his entire wasted old life revolving around the far-right for a whirlwind romance and marriage. He is now settled down as a hard working respectable doting dad and husband enjoying family life complete with son and cute woof-woof. More’s the pity some of his old compatriots (and adversaries come to that) don’t try the same. You know, growing up.

On the other hand, the Socialist Party of Great Britain and Official Monster Raving Loony Party still managed to provide their regular slate despite being equally as stuck as the CPB and NF in a retro-timewarp. Even the Social Democratic Party made a comeback. Sort of.

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