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How Does A Kipper Turn Into A Newt? (Apologies To The Dee Daas For The Social Democratic Party!)

8 June, 2017

Yes, Jazz-Hands accepts full responsibility for what has happened to the people of Sheffield being landed with the Gang Of Five.

Two years ago, it all seemed like good fun, making up hypothetical SDP posters, billboards and T-shirts.

Never thought it would give a bunch of disillusioned Kippers (that’s UK Independence Party members to all you foreigners) the inspiration to adopt the Social Democratic Party brand in this election, including a full slate for the city of Sheffield.

Why they are doing so would be interesting to know of course.

In any case, apologies to the entire British political system for the monster Jazz-Hands has created – uncorking the claret bottle and releasing an 80’s retro demon!

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