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Rhinoceros Party (Parti Rhinocéros)

1 June, 2016

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A collection of three t-shirts featuring various motifs from one of parties which took part in the 2016 Canadian general election.

Please also find a collection of four poster pictures and two Billboards available as pictures for your Sims 3 game.

The poster pictures use a mesh with many thanks by Yarona at Sims Modeli, and the Billboards a mesh from Cloudwalker Sims so you do not need any stuff packs for this to work – it’s all base game friendly.


To use, download, unzip, and drop the contained folder into your The Sims 3\mods\packages folder and they should show up.


The Rhinoceros Party (Parti Rhinocéros) is a Canadian sartirical party established in 1963 by the late Dr Jacques Ferron as a guerilla group for intellectuals to parody the absurdities of party politics and current affairs in general.

It takes its name from Cacareco the rhinoceros who was elected to Brazil’s São Paulo’s city council in 1958 in a local organised protest vote against corruption. It declared that the rhinoceros was an appropriate symbol for a political party since politicians, by nature, are: ‘thick-skinned, slow-moving, dim-witted, but can move fast as hell when in danger.’ – however the party logo is the famous Albrecht Dürer woodcut.

The party describes itself as Marxist – however this is with reference to Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo Marx; and not the author of The Communist Manifesto.

Amongst the party’s main policies is moving the capital to Kapuskasing in the centre of Canada; reverting back to driving on the left similar to the United Kingdom; the privatisation of the country’s armed forces and the nationalisation of the Tim Horton shop chain; declaring war on Belgium because Tin Tin killed a rhino in one of his stories (the Belgian embassy in Canada subsequently issued an apology) and paying off the national debt with a Visa card.

The party caused a considerable shock in 1984 when they finished fourth in the Canadian federal elections, gaining almost a hundred thousand votes and beating the long established Social Credit Party and Quebec nationalists; and it was primarily in order to remove them from being able to run for office that the Canadian government in 1993 changed the electoral rules so parties had to stand in at least fifty ridings (constituencies) to be allowed to appear on the ballot paper as a registered party rather than as independent candidates.

When the party said they would boycott that year’s general election in protest, they were declared dissolved by the Chief Electoral Officer and ordered to hand over all the party’s assets to the Canadian Receiver General – sparking a bitter fourteen year legal battle before they were allowed to stand again under their own name, won largely after threatening to sue the Canadian government for $50 million after the initial rule change had been deemed unconstitutional by the courts.

Some members during the legal battle stood instead for the breakaway Lemon Party (Parti Citron).

The party also ran Major League Baseball pitcher Bill Lee for the American Presidency in 1988.

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