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Political Party Billboards

26 May, 2015

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Please find a billboard with fifteen different political party messages on them from the following:

Apple Front (Apfelfront), Captain Rainbow’s Universal Party , Class War, Garlic Front, Green Party, Raving Loony Party (generic for whatever version you prefer), Social Democratic Party and the Two-Tailed Dog Party.

Only the following are genuine, the rest are merely ones made by Jazz-Hands for fun (but hopefully in the correct spirit):

Apple Front – still taken from their promotional short for their 2014 November gala. It has a cat in it, what other reason do you need to watch it?

Captain Rainbow’s Universal Party – correct slogan.

Class War – Lucy Parsons banner.

Green Party – both are actual billboard advertisements used in the 2015 UK general election.

Social Democratic Party – correct slogan.

The poster pictures use a mesh from Cloudwalker Sims so you do not need any stuff packs for this to work – it’s all base game friendly.


To use, download, unzip, and drop the contained folder into your The Sims 3\mods\packages folder and they should show up.


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