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Bizarre European Political Parties

15 July, 2014

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Something a little unusual this time, done during the European elections for a bit of fun during random explores of the interwebmabobs.

A collection of nine t-shirts various motifs from seven of the stranger parties to have taken part in elections.

Will fit Teen, Young Adult and Adults.

All items are recolourable, but the logos aren’t.

Please find a collection of twenty one poster pictures available for your Sims 3 game.

The poster pictures use a mesh with many thanks by Yarona at Sims Modeli, so you do not need any stuff packs for this to work – it’s all base game friendly.


To use, download, unzip, and drop the contained folder into your The Sims 3\mods\packages folder and they should show up.


By way of explanation:

Captain Rainbow’s Universal Party: Founded by George Weiss, campaigned for national issues to be decided by referendums rather than solely by Parliament.

Dream Job (Sanjska) : Slovakian party who promised if elected to the European Parliament to give its members the opportunity to represent them in Brussels for a month by lottery.

Garlic Front (Fokhagymafront): Hungarian sister party of the German Apple Front (Front Deutscher Äpfel) founded by Ármin Langer, parodying the far right while promising to protect Hungarian garlic growers from Chinese imports and vampires. Arch enemies of the Two-Tailed Dog Party.

Raving Loony Green Giant Party:  Their platform was a mixture of environmental and completely mental.  In 1991 their leader Stuart Hughes became the first ‘Loony’ candidate to win a contested governmental election. Not only this, but Hughes is one of the few to have held seats in all three tiers of local government (parish/town/city, district and county) simultaneously (Sidmouth, Sidmouth Woolbrook and Sidmouth Rural).

Snails Of Decay (Escargots Pour La Décroissance) : followers of the 19th century French economic philosophy of décroissance, which opposes capitalist growth at the expense of humanity and the environment. Their party is the Parti Pour La Décroissance. The snail is their symbol as it represents slow progress and it thrives from living off decaying matter.

The Idle Toad: Party founded by Tom Sharratt after being deselected by Labour claiming he’d been an ‘idle toad’ despite being a councillor for twenty eight years – he retained his seat with an increased majority. Sharratt had been publicly critical as a journalist of the increasing authoritarianism of the national party upon the ‘New Labour’ rebranding. Sharratt had first come to national attention as the journalist covering the James Bulger child murder trial for The Guardian.

Two Tailed Dog Party (Magyar Kétfarkú Kutya Párt): Hungarian ‘absurdist’ party who campaign by street graffiti, fly posting and sabotaging anything in a non-lethal manner. Their dog logo is called Istvan Nagy.

* * * * * * * * * *

Click on the following links if you wish t-shirts for the Apple Front (Germany/Austria/Greenland), Orange Alternative (Poland/Ukraine), Lemon Party (Canada) or Official Monster Raving Loony Party for your Sims 3 game.

All courtesy of The Mare’s Nest.

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