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For Those Of You Who Came Here From A Link From NRaas Industries

12 July, 2018

If you have tried to download stuff from a certain link on the NRaas board, this is what you have been seeing for about a month now.

Some skeet has posted up a pay for link on the web to the post with the NRaas billboards, obliging me to move it to a new one and leaving them nothing but an appropriate cover by They Might Be Giants (so at least the good guys make some money out of it).

If you are looking for downloads connected to NRaas Industries, please use the Categories links on the right hand side to find them.

Sorry I wasn’t too up front about this, but I didn’t want the creep behind it knowing too early that his pay link was getting him nowhere.

Just to clarify, if you ever find any links to here not working, drop me a message in the replies for explanation.

66 Spencer Road, Derry-Londonderry – A Metaphor For Northern Ireland

12 June, 2018

If there was ever a metaphor for everything stupid about Northern Ireland, it is 66 Spencer Road in Derry-Londonderry.

From May 2015

The property has lain abandoned for many years now and is a local eyesore. Yet for reasons which could only be described at best as stupid, at worst as sinister, it is treated by the local Royal Mail like any normal occupied address.

How the property looked in May 2017

Despite this, it still has post delivered to it even though only the door and letterbox remain standing.

Again from May 2017

To no one’s surprise, all manner of sinister characters took full advantage of this mulish adherence to rules against all sanity to use it as a free drop box for items they didn’t want traced to their own front door – less cost or risk than Doddle or another P.O. Box provider where suspicious staff may contact the police, particularly for anyone ordering items over the dark web.

A quick move of the fence or a leap over the wall from the hill side was all it took to retrieve their goods.


When the adjacent property (also derelict) was also demolished last year, strangely once more a door was left standing as per instructions. There was also a new twist when persons unknown screwed a mail box to this surviving front door.

As you can see, this is the sort able to take small parcels which once pushed in the top can only be retrieved by whoever has the key to open the box up fully.

The question is who is emptying it to ensure mail continues to be delivered to this address? What are they retrieving?

Strangely, these are questions the local authorities nor anyone else appear to be in any hurry to have answered.

The local Post Office claims it has a statutory duty to deliver mail if there is a correct address – but this is no excuse. The Postal Services Act 2011 sets out the minimum requirements the Universal Service Provider must deliver, and nowhere is there a compulsion for deliveries to be made to a clearly abandoned site.

Quite the opposite.

They are breaking the terms of their Universal Service Obligation (from which they have their contract allowing them to provide our national universal service for letters) whereupon all relevant postal operators are obliged to protect the integrity of mail by taking all reasonable steps to minimise the exposure of relevant postal items to the risk of loss, theft, damage and/or interference – including not shoving mail through clearly abandoned properties where they post a risk of attracting vermin and creating a fire hazard.

It doesn’t take too much imagination to guess the postal system is being deliberately abused for sinister purposes, and as those sinister purposes are likely to lead back to one of the various gangsters posing as politicians (the bane of Northern Ireland), nothing is being done about it or will be. In typical Northern Irish fashion, everyone’s pretending nothing amiss is going on so not to get involved (and perhaps kneecapped!)

It’s no surprise in such a nonsensical place the two biggest political parties – the Democratic Unionists and Sinn Fein – are allowed to continue to refuse to form a government yet are paid by the UK their wages in full for duties none carry out. Such is what passes for ‘rule’ in Northern Ireland, where thirty years of pretend civil war was replaced by twenty years of corruption tolerated by a combination of fear and reflex tribalism learned at the teat.

66 Spencer Road is a fitting monument to all which wilful stupidity can achieve – nothing but decay.

David Furness Thinks Yoga And Serial Killing Are All Down To The Great Marxist Conspiracy

28 May, 2018

The Supermarket Own Brand Tequila prize for the cheapest of cheap shots this week looks set this Bank Holiday Monday to go to David Furness, unsuccessful mayoral candidate for London and the British National Party’s press officer – the latter perhaps explains why no one treats them the least seriously any more (oh, and losing all their council seats and MEPs).

He did give a smile last week with the following silly piece:

Of course, if there had been a white male in the advert, it would have been all part of a plan by the ruling elite to promote the indoctrination of Eastern brainwashing techniques on white males. Such is the world of the conspiracy theorist.

Who is to say this gentleman isn’t trans-racial? You know, is a white man trapped inside an Asian man’s body – just like Adam Ant who beneath the white was a red skin suffering for centuries of taming?

Of course, there is a sad truth in the midst of all this. Any public body today runs the risk of some special interest group screaming ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘homophobe’ or any one of a hundred other special interest/persecuted minority lobby cards. The simplest of publicity campaigns for the public good becomes a minefield, one slip and the well-intentioned find themselves prey to the modern day bully using feigned ideological self-righteousness as weapons to beat their fellow citizens into submission. The flip side is it provides their opponents with ceaseless ammunition to prove the ‘evil’ of any such measures, no matter how well intentioned, and the need for their abolition.

Such is how the ‘rights’ industry creates the appetites from which they feed parasitically off the people they hurt.

But even by far-right standards David Furness was really reaching with this one upon the death of the sadist necrophiliac serial killer Dennis Nilson after 35 years in jail, whose ceaseless whining letters about his lot behind bars to newspapers was the best argument those opposed to capital punishment ever had.

Furness comes up with the mind-boggling suggestion that Nilson’s far-left views were in some way responsible for his criminal perversions.

There is no record anywhere that Nilson ever upset his work colleagues with his political views. This is pure fantasy on Furness’ part.

One of the reasons his work colleagues at Employment Services were so shocked upon Nilson’s arrest was his sheer boringness: the least likely candidate to topple the Yorkshire Ripper from his plinth as Britain’s worst serial killer (unknown to all, he was still behind Dr Harold Shipman).

He’d attempted to become involved in both Militant and the Socialist Workers Party, but in both cases they ditched him upon his insistence to anyone delivering their newspapers that they ‘pop in for a cuppa’ – and this wasn’t simply because the comrades objected to him trying to persuade them to have sex with him (like most machismo fixated groups, contrary to their politically correct rhetoric the SWP and Militant had a strong homophobic streak in practice).

As with all fringe activities, Britain’s far-left and far-right have long been havens for what the National Front’s Huddersfield organiser Robert Taylor in 1969 called ‘cranks and perverts’, those who know beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to members – with predictable results.

It could easily be said Nilsen’s nine years in the army (which Furness omits to mention) played a part – where he also developed a taste for alcohol. Upon discharge, unable to form long term relationships left him lonely and depressed. From December 1973 until his arrest almost a decade later, he drank at home every night. . Like many before and since, he discovered that there is nowhere more lonely than a big city where most relationships are transient – and many homosexuals who moved to London at the first opportunity (as most did before Brighton ‘turned Pink’) soon discovered it was not the Emerald City gay activists painted it.

There is little unknown about Nilson – unlike other mass murders his time behind bars was spent spilling the beans at every chance. He tried to use mitigating circumstances (the death of his grandmother) to claim temporary insanity for his actions – but his sexual proclivities went before him: near death by drowning as a child left him fixated by what today would be termed ‘breathplay’. Life imprisonment meant company, temperance, and most of all attention – the irony was for all his complaining, a life sentence gave Nilson almost everything he ever wanted the most.

Whatever politics he had, it had no shape in turning him into the vile creature who destroyed innocent lives.

If You Think Making Meghan Markle A Royal Is Some Sort Of Triumph, You’re An Imbecile

19 May, 2018

We have a new parasite in Britain’s biggest shower of welfare scroungers – the Royal Family.

‘Will you take the ex-wife of Trevor Engelson?” ‘Will you take the illegitimate love child of James Hewitt?’

The most insufferable bullshit from the whole business is the way people are acting like this changes a goddamn thing.

Some D-list actress marries into royalty, and the masses act as if it is history, the crossing of a rubicon, the first time that … um … something!

Grace Kelly, later Princess Grace of Monaco

Yeah, because when Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III, Monaco was transformed from being the playground for rich tax-dodgers (the nation was nothing more than the Feudal state of the Grimaldis in practice) into … um, hang on!

As for the ‘first black royal’ bullshit …

Meet Britain’s first black member of the Royal Family – Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz – the wife of George III.

Displaying slightly less of the grotesque inbreeding which was the curse of the royal families of Europe.

You remember George III? He was the King of Great Britain when the U.S. told us to piss off.

Yeah, we have a black queen, and the U.S. tells us to hit the road Jack – well it always has been historically the most racist nation on earth by its actions, what did you expect?

She had a mere fifteen children (!) and as she came from the African branch of the Portuguese Royal House, Margarita de Castro y Sousa (the Portuguese had no problems about their royalty marrying into the royal families of Africans umpteen tribal chiefs), this is one of the reasons Britain – along with Portugal – enjoyed much better relations with its African colonies than the French, Belgians and especially the Germans. It’s all in the blood.

All that stuff you see called the Queen Charlotte this and the Queen Charlotte that? She’s the homie responsible. She’s also the reason the world remembers Johann Sebastian Bach, Kew Gardens became a hub for world botanical studies, and – ah go look it up yourselves!

‘But but but she doesn’t count!’ I hear you cry. ‘She’s far too white looking!’ What’s Duchess Meghan of Sussex then? Not only whiter than Harry (an achievement in itself when he’s a ginger!), she’s whiter than that blonde porn model Veneshia Monique Peoples aka The Quxxn was pretending to be!

[For British readers, you may be appalled to learn that in the States many believe in the so-called ‘one drop’ rule – that is, if someone’s direct descendants include so much as one person of another colour, then they are ‘merely’ mixed race. Hence all the bullshit from rabble rousing arseturnip Alton Maddox Jr that Barack Obama didn’t count as America’s first black president (a line which only started when it became clear he was going to be every bit as useless as every past president when it came to making the lot of non-white, non-rich Americans any better]

No, truth is another waste of space has married into the British state’s sponsored national wastes of space, and the dumb Heat reading masses and Americans addicted to celeb gossip have ‘gasms because focussing on trivia is much easier than focussing on reality in nations where the adults like Peter Pan never grow up.

Meanwhile the homeless who were cleared off the streets of Windsor lest they spoil the TV shots creep back to eking out what existence they can as everyone’s lives return back to normal – unchanged, unimproved, unlikely ever to.

Hip, hip, Huzzah!

News From The Nutters: Today’s Episode Of ‘Hopeless Not Helping’

16 May, 2018

You may have guessed that Hope Not Hate, the so-called anti-racism group, is not top of my love lists.

Even so, their claims after the recent council elections demonstrates no end to their cheek, as the following piece done in conjunction with The Guardian (where else!) shows.

‘As the BNP vanishes, do the forces that built it remain?’ asks Helen Pidd of everyone’s least favourite pretend quality paper, The Guardian.

Let’s see now.

1. Is there still large numbers of people pissed off with the two main parties (Conservative and Labour) but cynical of the mainstream acceptable alternative? (Lib Dem)

2. Are they not prepared to vote either Green or UKIP because they don’t piss off the Establishment enough any more?

3. Is there a sizeable number of voters who moan publicly about ‘bloody foreigners’ for whatever reason? (if in Scotland or Wales you can substitute ‘foreigners’ for ‘English’ and in Northern Ireland for either ‘Orange bastards’ or ‘Taig scum’), even if the ‘bloody foreigners’ in question have been here since two years after the Second World War or were actually born here but just so happen to be not White?

If the answer to all three is ‘yes’, then you don’t need to be the next Professor Hawking to know the answer.

(If still unsure of the correct answer, have you encountered hearing anyone in the last week – whether or not speaking to you – saying ‘I’m not racist, but…’ )

But usually these sorts of people are soaked up within the Conservative Party at branch level, in the same way the Labour Party was full of Marxist swivel eyed loonies long before Jeremy Corbyn was cleverly created by Berrypie (and they all think he’s a right-wing secret service plant to destroy any prospects of a true socialist government gaining power anyway).

Elsewhere in the same article, looks like a certain useless arseturnip pretending to be saving Britain from nasty Nazis and rotten racists is a bit upset about those claiming he had got it wrong about ‘the last BNP councillor losing their seat’ back in April.

They hold council seats, attend council meetings, take part in elections (including the recent ones) and issue boring press statements about current events – looks like a functioning political party by any normal definition!

As for no functioning branches:

‘… team of activists from the local branch.’ What was that you were saying again Nick about the BNP having ‘no functioning branches anymore?

It is naïve in the extreme to equate branch meetings as equating political party viability anyway. UKIP took European seats back in the days all their electioneering was done by postal drop and the internet, foregoing branch meetings for regional mass meetings as required because branch meetings are a waste of time for parties with members spread too far apart – same as the Greens had done even in areas where they held council seats.

A certain Jeremy Corbyn took over Labour only a few years ago which everyone said he couldn’t (twice), and came within a whisker of winning a general election everyone ‘knew’ he couldn’t possibly win, precisely because the supposed out-of-touch socialist dinosaur was more attuned to the realities of the new political dynamic (the internet, stupid!) than his lumpen opponents mentally trapped in a world where branches, committees and conferences were still king, even after a decade of localised slaughter at the hands of the BNP, Greens and UKIP with more flexible actual activists taking advantage of modern technology, not mere bums on branch meeting seats whose attitude to campaigning was leafleting only their street at election time and hanging around the bar at party fundraising socials patting each other on the back about how they were the backbone of the party.

As if Nick Lowles couldn’t get any more desperate to hang onto his race relations witchfinder job, he tried to conflate Brexit with future problems .

No real surprise he doesn’t know how voters will react. He and his kind misunderstood the anger which led to Brexit completely. Two years later, they still don’t get it.

The main cause of Brexit was objection to mass white immigration from eastern European, not coloured (in fact non-white immigration from the Commonwealth crashed because unrestricted EU immigration meant it was next to impossible to gain Home Office entry to stay to the UK). This was exacerbated by the shitty attitude those from unskilled backgrounds adopted when arriving in the UK: in particular towards non-whites – the dirty little secret those favouring open borders in the UK would rather not talk about.

Indeed one of the reasons the BNP and especially the NF further alienated themselves from the electorate was their bizarre decision to ally with Polish racist groups (mostly gangs of thugs) operating in the UK (for ‘racial solidarity’ reasons): an absolute gift to UKIP, driving unsure white and non-white voters into supporting both them and Brexit in the hope of seeing such creatures thrown out of the UK by 2019 (and another reason why UKIP operated a strict ban on allowing recent BNP or NF members from joining).

An illustration of the nonsense world both the likes of Hope Not Hate and Britain’s far-right operate in where inconvenient facts are ignored lies in the sorry tale of the unnamed 16 year old black boy currently rotting in a British young offenders detention centre for three-and-a-half years. Usually he would be grist to both their mills, that he’s been ignored (and thus his tragic story all but forgotten) says much.

In Harlow, Essex, on 27th August 2016 at 11.30 pm , a group of Poles – 40 year old Arkadiusz Jozwik, Radek Koscelski and Jakub Lusiecki – whom had been drinking heavily all evening, decided to start chucking racial abuse at the boy and his four friends as they rode their bikes past the takeaways in Harlow town centre where the three men had bought pizza they were eating on a bench. A fight broke out, Mr Jozwik hit the pavement after being punched in the side of the head, and died two days later in hospital.

Arkady Rzegocki, Poland’s ambassador to the UK (which stand to lose a fortune upon Brexit), said Mr Jozwik’s death was only the start. Jakub Krupa, of the Polish Press Agency, wrote in The Guardian (which milked the killing for all it was worth) that the killing ‘exposes the reality of post-referendum racism’. Even European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told the European Parliament: ‘We Europeans can never accept Polish workers being harassed, beaten up or even murdered on the streets of Essex.’ All claimed the three men had been victims of an unprovoked attack because they were speaking Polish, and much column inches in the press and online were devoted to peddling the myth this had been a Brexit murder. Essex police even invited Polish police officers onto the streets of Harlow to alleviate ‘local concerns’.

But once the case came to trial and the jury saw the CCTV evidence, the prosecution case swiftly unravelled. Jozwik was so drunk he was twice the drink driving limit – which would have made any head injury especially risky. The three Poles were considerably bigger and stronger than the five boys – and it was they who started the altercation, probably thinking in their alcohol fuelled bravado that five children were easy targets for their fists.

Nevertheless, the boy who landed the punch which caused Jozwik to fall was jailed on a lesser charge of manslaughter – and Britain’s race relations bodies did and said nothing, all because they’d backed the wrong victim and would rather see a miscarriage of justice than admit to being wrong. All because immigrants, any immigrants, make for better virtue signalling material than anyone born and bred in Britain.

So much for self-defence is no offence – and so much for the race relations industry’s solidarity with non-whites suffering racist attacks from whites. Not when it’s a drunken racist attack from an ethnic minority who’s more fashionable than you.

But back to Hope Not Hate. The Guardian and other mainstream newspapers are so stupid and lazy they regurgitate whatever HnH and other ‘anti-fascist’ groups tell them without double checking (and pay them a ‘research’ fee for it!), which as you have saw already makes them look very stupid. You would think the rubbish they post on their website would be enough to put anyone off!

For instance, look at their coverage of the far-right after the recent council elections.

What’s this? Graham Williamson has gained a council seat?

No he hasn’t, he’s RETAINED HIS SEAT FROM FOUR YEARS AGO! He was also not standing for the Rainham Resident’s Association.

In case HnH try to explain away their howler by claiming he’s standing under a new designation and that’s what they really meant:

South Hornchurch Independent Residents Group, not Rainham Residents Association. If they can’t even get the basic facts right, what price the rest of their crap?

Something rotten in the state of Cuddly Dudley

If it is not getting their facts completely wrong or being behind the times in what the far-right or former far-right with continued dubious associations are getting up to, it’s making themselves out into being a bigger deal than they really are, and they really went to town on this score down in Dudley, everyone’s favourite run down Black Country town which may be in the gutter, but is staring at the stars.

‘Cuddly Dudley’ is next door to West Bromwich and Smethwick (both areas forever associated with notorious racist parliamentary elections), and bordered to the north-east by Tipton – which achieved a short moment of notoriety a decade ago by its non-white electorate ‘loaning’ the BNP candidate their votes in a by-election to protest at the way the impoverished area were being used for sociological experimentation (the seat was due up for election within a few months of the by-election anyway, so it was also a protest at a piece of needless expense at a time of council cutbacks) and even more thereafter when Channel 4 ran the reality TV series ‘Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole’ there – unfairly painting the entire locality as indolent social security parasites (it still has some of the highest claimant rates in the UK).

Dudley’s only previous brush with electoral controversy came during a by-election in December 1994, when the National Front candidate Andy Carmichael thought it would be a good idea to drive a parade float playing a medley of Christmas music with him dressed up as Santa Claus – which backfired when the locals booed and pelted them when the float began played Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’. Perhaps they ought to have remembered that Black Country comedian Jasper Carrott’s 1983 Christmas special (it actually first appeared on New Year’s Eve!) until only a few years earlier had been on annual repeat almost in much the same way the Father Ted Christmas special is today, ending in the alternative Christmas anthem ‘Are You Going To Be A Miserable Pain In The Bum This Christmas?‘ – which as well as featuring Chris Barrie (later to find fame with Red Dwarf and the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movies) doing a passable impersonation of the Reverend Ian Paisley, included the line from Mr Carrott ‘and if the National Front sing “May all of your Christmasses be white!””  (notably this was the one line which didn’t register much of a laugh).

(Carmichael was the NF’s West Midlands Organiser and thus their de facto deputy leader. An old Brighton University friend of future BNP leader Nick Griffin and BNP deputy leader Simon Darby, he was later revealed to be also working for the rival New Britain Party and Sir James Goldsmith’s Referendum Party concurrently – all as part of his work for the Special Branch, which may explain why Carmichael remains the only NF parliamentary candidate in history never to mention race or immigration in any of his election literature).

Then came the rise of UKIP, and in their wake there came Hope Not Hate – or at least they claimed to have.

Look at this rubbish, again from their recent update after the council elections:

‘Hope Not Hate has campaigned tirelessly in Dudley against Etheridge [UKIP councillor Bill Etheridge]’?

The strange part is that if you look online for details of any of this ‘tireless’ activity, you’ll be quickly disappointed.

Four activists shoving leaflets through doors. That was the sum total of their ‘big day’.

About the only time they have done anything of the sort was this April, when it was no secret that Etheridge and the other Kippers were doomed as part of the nationwide Bonfire Of The Kippers, more so in Dudley where Labour and the Tories would fight very hard to gain a majority and a resurgent Lib Dems split whatever vote there was for those refusing to support the big two. The end result? The Tories gained six of the seven UKIP seats – hardly a triumph for race relations after the Windrush scandal!

HnH’s appearance in Dudley hoping to claim the credit for UKIP’s local demise was very much in contrast to less than two years earlier, when they were very quiet little mice after insulting the locals and not a squeak was heard from them after!

As the above newspaper cutting shows (from the Express And Star, traditionally one of Britain’s most anti-racist newspapers since Enoch Powell’s Rivers Of Blood speech saw its editor end his two decades friendship with their local MP of the time over it), Hope Not Hate were crucified not only by UKIP councillor Bill Etheridge, but by the two local MPs, one Conservative and one Labour, for accusing people in Dudley for voting UKIP because they were ‘racist’ (every single ward in Dudley also voted Leave in the Brexit referendum – which is no doubt where HnH’s moron came to the conclusion from, even though 10% of the area is non-white).

The area had attracted some infamy at that particular time because UKIP had acted as a coalition partner to both a Labour run council and a Tory run council – showing that no matter what the anti-Kipper rhetoric to the media, both were happy to cut deals with the Farageists in practice.

In much the same way as Hope Not Hate would claim the credit for the demise of what they’d done little in practice to achieve.

News From The Nutters: The British National Party – Because There’s A Vacuum Of Stupid, And Someone’s Got To Fill It!

16 May, 2018

Just to prove whatever Hope Not Hate can do in terms of stupid the BNP will match, take a look at this:

Brilliant idea. Their members will be delighted when they try out this one, and get the subsequent angry letter from their doctor’s surgery telling them that they have been taken off the practice books because they don’t want that crap putting patients off thinking the staff are BNP members (and you know how difficult it can be to find a doctor to register with in some parts of the country).

Since their electoral and membership collapse, the BNP has been crying all the way to the bank. Years of legacies left to them in thousands of Wills have been rolling in and those in control of the party’s piggy bank are happy to sit back and wait for ‘that perfect moment’.

The rest of Britain’s dumber than rocks far-right would love to get their hands on that money so they can spend it on more leaflets and booklets for the general public to throw in the nearest dustbin, and the way the National Front, British Democrats (British Democratic Party) and the rest of the right hand side of Britain’s aluminium foil milliners have all been singing from the same song sheet lately does appear to indicate than union – or rather reunion – is this year’s must have tin-hat for the Henley Regatta.

Most of Britain’s far right have all been in each others parties so many times (in some cases all at once) it’s a wonder Paris Hilton and the Kardashians haven’t appeared on the leaked membership lists, so union does make sort of sense. Trouble is that last time they tried it was back in 1967 with the famous National Front – almost now an international brand name for anti-immigrationism and ethnocentric nationalism – and what a monster it proved to be. To cut a very long story short, they discovered the hard way what happens when you let into your party people who claim to no longer be the same bigotted Jew-hating Hitler worshipping Daleks they were only five

Also the BNP aren’t interested in unions (literally, except for their own fake ones – yes it is old joke day today). Why should they be? They hold all the cards – the money, the previous history of success doing everything their way, the money, the organisation, the money, the professional website – did I mention the money? They would rather people joined them on their terms (ie. picking and choosing whom they want – or more to the point don’t want), and are convinced once UKIP has finally destroyed itself, the way will be clear for them to sweep up what’s left of Britain’s ‘patriotic right’ (a term used highly advisedly).

This is the two prong strategy of the BNP’s cunning plan certain to end in more tears for souvenirs.

Since the days of the National Front, the main plank of Britain’s far right has been to stop non-white immigration, start non-white ‘repatriation’ (which really means throwing out everyone not meeting their race purity criteria to any country that will take them), opposing anything with a smell of Marxism to it and roughly everything else the Establishment parties did or believed in for contrary’s sake.

But even Britain’s former African colonies at their barbaric worst would not dare today to implement policies of ‘Africanisation’ by which the wholescale shakedown and expulsion of ethnic Indian and Chinese citizens (as happened in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda) were the part genesis of the ethnic enclaves in some British cities. Part of the success of UKIP over the BNP (and others) was its appeal to those British citizens from non-white Commonwealth backgrounds who objected to the European Union ‘open door for member states’ policy which made it next to impossible for Commonwealth citizens to gain work permits – let alone citizenship – because local services in far too many parts of the country were already strained to breaking point by Eastern European immigrants.

If one picture epitomised an athlete, this one from September 1982 did for Daley Thompson of Great Britain: triumphant over his rivals took weak to even stand after finishing the 1500m in the decathlon at the 1982 European Athletic championships in Athens, Greece with a new world record for the event. Mandatory Credit: Steve Powell/Allsport.

Moreover, the Britain of 50 years ago is a much different world to the Britain of today. For all the problems there be with occasional ethnic or ideological tensions, no political party wanting to have itself taken seriously comes out with such a ludicrous idea as expelling people (or even restricting their entry) according to skin colour – no one wanting to be taken seriously has been stupid enough to claim ‘there ain’t no black in the Union Jack’ since the days Daley Thompson became the toast in even the most hidebound white-flight pub bore, conquoring the athletics world at the height of the Cold War (with all its posturing – and cheating) with a brash cockiness rubbing American and Soviet noses in it every chance he got, winning the decathlon gold in their own backyards at the Moscow and Los Angeles Olympics almost fifty years after Jesse Owens made fools out of the last arrogant nation who thought themselves the world’s master race.

Before Thompson, British sport apart from football and rugby had been dominated in the media by posh people like Annabel Croft, Sebastian Coe, Sue Barker,  and the National Front’s very own Buster Mottram – famous for being the sort one would have for dinner and cocktails, the best of the breed, even if they largely won bugger all (except for Coe). Not only was the kid from pre-gentrification Notting Hill a proper winner, but had an infectious enthusiasm for athletics at grassroots (not the condescending sort British Olympians are prone to) believing not only could everyone else in Britain do it, but everyone else in Britain should do it. He made athletics in Britain ‘cool’ two decades before ‘gym culture’ happened. Britain may not have been saved from Napoleon’s Continentalism on the playing fields of Eton as per the myth, but it was most certain saved from pigmentation prejudice as a political option on track and field.

As to the rest of it, only a fool would deny Britain is certainly amiable to some sort of post-Trade Unionism communistic/socialist ideas (in so far as they share traits with Christian community ideas and thus were never unique) in the abrupt rise of Jeremy Corbyn within a nation sick and tired of a growing gulf between the rich and poor as never seen since the early horrors of the Industrial Revolution and a ruling class (in politics and the media) shedding public crocodile tears whilst privately advocating more ‘survival of the fittest’.

Yet what does the BNP bring to the table? The tired ‘Enoch Was Right!’ meme.

Alas! Poor Enoch!

You couldn’t make this up if you tried – awarding ‘honorary membership’ to a man dead for twenty years who had made it plain that he despised the BNP and all its predecessors on numerous occasions – on the one occasion Powell was asked directly what he thought of the National Front, he tersely replied that he was a “parliamentarian”. This has often been given by both those who idolise and demonise Powell as proof of his far-right sympathies – largely because subtlety is beyond them.

Powell was happy to work with individuals such as the likes of Beryl ‘Bee’ Carthew (of the Swinton Club, who later dallied between the Conservatives and the NF – as far too many who also dabbled with the Monday Club had done) in the same way he worked with Tony Benn, his ideological sparring partner (and friend as a fellow member of the Commons’ ‘awkward squad’ with Michael Foot and Tam Dalyell) on opposing both the Common Market and white minority rule in Rhodesia, but whilst he was happy to give his endorsement to Vivian Linacre of the Weights and Measures Association when he was the UKIP candidate for Perth and Kinross in at by-election in 1995, but he refused to endorse a certain Nigel Farage point blank despite (or perhaps because of) he’d met him several times when Powell had addressed Eurosceptic meetings.

To take the point further, on the 24th November 1994 he gave UKIP’s Malcolm Floyd the blessing to use his name ‘as you see fit’ at the 1994 Dudley West by-election. A certain Andy Carmichael (the Special Branch agent who was the NF candidate at the same by-election), wrote in turn to Powell nine days later seeking the same (with delicious irony, his letter stated ‘…todays National Front … a dynamic, forward thinking democratic party not afraid to tell the truth and with nothing to hide.) but received the response (from Powell’s secretary, not personally as in Floyd and Linacre’s cases – an intentional snub perhaps?), ‘Mr Powell has asked me to acknowledge your letter of 2nd December but to say that you will have seen in the meantime that he has sent a letter of support to the UK Independence Party candidate.’

Most pointed of all, on 6th June 1970, at a general election at Highfield School (during a speech solely about economics – ‘the rise in the cost of living is due neither to British trade unions, nor to British industry, nor to the British economy; it is due wholly and solely to the British government.’ ), some moron gave Powell an ironic Hitler salure and in a rare display of lost temper bellowed, ‘Some of us personally witnessed what was done on the continent under that sign and it is a symbol we shall never forget!’ – something to bear in mind considering many of those running the racist parties before and after 1970 were apologists for the Nazis and Holocaust deniers

Powell was a complex character and somewhat eccentric (as career academics tend to be – and career academics foolish enough to go into politics usually end up that bit more so) but for the BNP to attempt to seek reflected glory in someone whom largely opposed everything they represented – let alone stood for – isn’t only pathetic, it is pitiful.

To paraphrase Enoch, far from aggregating a foul, it is to aggravate the original offence, which was of the BNP putting words into Powell’s mouth in support of their own agenda since Griffin’s departure in 2014 – to wit:

When did Enoch Powell say ‘It’s never too late to save your country,’ let alone the context?


This is a recurring theme of the topic of Powell with both his so-called supporters and so-called detractors – who slap the prefix ‘Enoch was right’ or ‘Enoch was wrong’ regarding whatever they wanted him to have said to add greater gravitas to whatever premise they wish to establish, since Powell is regarded as someone carrying an intellectual and idealistic weight having effectively written and signed the writ of execution on his own career three times on points of principle.

You may as well claim that Enoch Powell said the following:

There’s actually more chance he might have agreed with some of it.

The Darcy Norgate Row: Michael Fabricant MP Is Right, She Is A TWAT (And So Are Those Labour People Encouraging Her Trolling Instead Of Condemning It)

6 May, 2018

This one broke last night.

Have a look at the offending tweets in question, in their full context.

She complains he made a personal attack – she was the one making the personal attack to begin with in calling him ‘weak and wobbly’ in large font.

Her bestie Callum joins in saying that Fabricant’s hair and teeth are the same colour as coronation chicken, to which her reaction is not one chastising him for it, but the routine ‘Ewwmagawd I ♥ U N everything U stand for!’ fake hypereaction you come to expect from a generation which thinks a state of arrested emotional development is a good thing.

To this Fabricant pointed out the obvious – she accused him of neglecting Burntwood in response to his Tweet about the local elections, and he points out it would be pretty difficult for the Tories to have neglected Burntwood in the local elections since there were no elections taking place.

Lichfield district council even kindly put a notice up on their website pointing out that unlike neighbouring districts, they were not going to the polls this year.

Staffordshire did have council elections taking place, but Burntwood was not one in one of those metropolitan districts (Lichfield) or town councils (Burntwood) which were going to the polls (it was next door Cannock Chase which was doing so: it endured five seconds of fame back in the 1990s as it became the battleground between the Raving Loony Green Giant Party and joint National Front-MI5 candidates for supremacy for the ‘local nutters’ vote, with the ruling Labour group treating both far too seriously – that’s another tale in itself!).

Contrary also to the press reports made, Fabricant responded at once to Darcy Norgate’s attempts to make capital.

A 19 year old is equally old enough to ‘should know better’ than to go trolling her local MP. Had she done it to a Momentum backed Labour MP, she might have been subject to a lot worse than name calling online from some of the thug tagalongs they have acquired in real life

Equally reprehensible are the pathetic array of Labourites – seeking salve after their kicking at the polls outside of London – trying to exploit this storm in an overpriced Starbucks skinny latté for political capital.

First, Paul Dadge:

Who neglected to mention he is this:

Similarly this:

Steve Hyden. Teacher, trainer, broadcaster…

… and defeated Labour candidate to Michael Fabricant. Along with a certain Chris Worsey…

… quick enough to applaud personal attacks on Twitter against fellow party members when it suits his own agenda.

Never mind Darcy, your besties on Twitter love you – even if your ‘Be kind always’ has proved to be more ‘don’t do as I do, do as I say.’

You’ll also get more attention and fame than you got from your other recent piece of ‘look at me, look at me!’ – yeah, because no one has ever heard of Auschwitz (two million visitors annually) or the Holocaust (even Justin Bieber’s heard of Anne Frank for crying out loud!). Looks like someone’s a little bit of an attention queen and therefore not quite the offended party they are making themselves out to be, aren’t you?

The simple truth was she’d let her mouth run on Twitter – like all too many teenagers do – got her facts wrong, and instead of putting it down to experience has attempted to twist it into something more sinister in order to get her fifteen minutes of fame. If she wasn’t talking about the local elections, she was simply trolling.

No matter what her reasons, Michael Fabricant MP called it right – she is a TWAT!

Which is also the name of a poem by the mighty Dr John Cooper Clarke, who is part of the National Curriculum, so she can drop the fake offended tone as well – there’s no record of her campaigning to have him removed from English lessons.

Like a nightclub in the morning, you’re the bitter end
Like a recently disinfected shithouse, you’re clean round the bend
You give me the horrors
Too bad to be true
All of my tomorrows
Are lousy ’cause of you
You put the Shat in Shatter
Put the Pain in Spain
Your germs are splattered about
Your face is just a stain
You’re certainly no raver, commonly known as a drag
Do us all a favor, here, wear this polythene bag
You’re like a dose of scabies
I’ve got you under my skin
You make life a fairytale
People mention murder, the moment you arrive
I’d consider killing you if I thought you were alive
You’ve got this slippery quality
It makes me think of phlegm
And a dual personality
I hate both of them
You’re bad breath, vamps disease, destruction, and decay
Please, please, please, please, take yourself away
Like a death at a birthday party
You ruin all the fun [clearly not a Sims 3 player!]
Like a sucked and spat-our Smartie
You’re no use to anyone
Like the shadow of the guillotine
On a dead consumptive’s face
Speaking as an outsider
What do you think of the human race?
You went to a progressive psychiatrist
He recommended suicide
Before scratching your bad name off his list
And pointing the way outside
You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart
You’re heading for a breakdown
Better pull yourself apart
Your dirty name gets passed about when something goes amiss
Your attitudes are platitudes
Just make me wanna piss
What kind of creature bore you
Was it some kind of bat?
They can’t find a good word for you
But I can


For the benefit of readers, ‘twat’ only became an offensive term for female genitalia when Americas started murdering the Queen’s English as per usual, same as they did with ‘pussy’.

In the context of calling someone foolish or despicable, it is derogatory, but not offensive. So wind your necks in, snowflakes.